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WF Leisure Park fishing lake
Fishing is a favourite service provided by our Park. Our offer is as follows:
  • Established fishing points
  • Professional and regular introduction of fishes
  • Cooking places by the fishing lake which are suitable for picnics and organising cooking competitions

It is possible to fish at the fishing lake with a licence issued to name and by observing the following fishing rules:

It is necessary to have a hungarian fishing license.

  • It is allowed to fish with two fishing rods, with maximum 2 hooks per rods.
  • When a fish takes the hook it must be taken out from the water with a landing net.
  • A hook removing device must be used for taking out a hook from the fish.
  • A thoroughbred fish, that you want to keep, must be entered in the fishing register-book prior to baiting again the fishing rod.
  • It is forbidden to replace a fish which has been put into the fish holder, or let it get back into the water.
  • There is no any size or weight limit.
  • Don’t disturb the others whilst fishing.
  • Any fish, that sustained injury, must be transferred to the river-watcher.

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